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Stairway of Secrets - The Halfway Point Lodge Series

5 Stars 

Emma loves her new life as the owner of The Halfway Point Lodge in Northern Michigan – but can she figure out who’s behind the threats and murder before she loses everything?

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Amazon Review

This is a wonderfully written book. Kept me reading from page one and could not put it down. I’m excited to read the next part. I highly recommend this book. It’s a great read

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I am a Michigan girl! Received my book in the mail today. I can't put it down. I have told my friends to GET this book!

Amazon Review

This was a fast read book but kept my interest from beginning to end. Introduced good characters for future reading and left you wanting to read more. – Amazon Review

Amazon Review

It was an awesome book! Can’t wait for the next book! I think I have found another author to follow!!! I see myself buying more of her books

Amazon Review

This is one of the best books I have ever read and can't wait for the next in the series. I love the twist and turns...makes you want to sit at the lodge and have dinner with Emma.

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Just finished reading this! Picked it up yesterday and couldn’t put it down!

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I ordered from Amazon and could not put it down. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. It is an amazing read

Coming July 31, 2018 - book 2

Lifetime of Lies - The Halfway Point Lodge Series


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