March 500 writing collab w/Poetspice

T'was the month before Camp NaNo and all across the web, not a friend was writing, not even me.  Then out of the blue came an email from Jaime asking if I wanted to do another writing collab.

"Yes," I shouted and did a little dance!

Beginning March 1st we must write 500 words a day, however, we want she said with a wink.  Write a blog, write in your journal, do some research or work on your story.

Write, write, write everyone write.

We all have introductory videos for you to check out and we will be doing video updates every Saturday during March.  I will also keep track here on my blog so you can see how I'm doing with this challenge.

Let me know if you are playing along and be sure to check out all the videos.

Jaime - Poetspice

Pam - Allthingspretti

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Writing Inspiration

Camp NaNo sign-ups begin!

I have been waiting since December 1st for Camp NaNo (which doesn't start until April).  Sign-ups started today and I signed up!

If you've never participated before, it's a great way to get your feet wet.  You set your own goals and work on whatever type of writing project you want.  I highly encourage people to do it.

I did the camp for the first time last July.  I set a goal of 20,000 words and ended up writing almost 15,000.  It was a great morale boost to know that I could do that much.

This year, my April goal is 25,000 words which is half of what NaNoWriMo is so I figure if I can do this, it gives me a great boost for November.  Mine will be a combination of story, research and blog posts most likely.

Check it out, join in the fun!

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Write 50,000 words in 30 days are you crazy? National Novel Writing Month check it out.

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