After divorcing her cheating husband, Emma, about to turn 50, throws caution to the wind and buys a rundown 1890’s restaurant and hotel 3000 miles away.  With a solid plan to remodel and reopen the place, she leaves California to start her next phase of life on the shores of the Indian River in Northern Michigan.

Everything was going fine until a few days before the scheduled opening when a series of events, including a murder made it clear to Emma that someone did not want her to re-open the restaurant.  With help from the police chief, her new friend Carol, and the support of the community, Emma stays determined to not only open on time but make the place better than she originally planned.

Halfway Point Lodge Series

Emma has just purchased a run down old inn on the shore of the Indian River in Northern Michigan.  Someone makes it very clear that they do not want her there.

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Abandoned Places Series

Hope has always had a strange feeling that she was different.  That feeling combined with her appreciation for abandoned places sets her on a ghostly journey.

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Footsteps of My Forefather

On her 50th birthday, Mattie received a gift from her fourth great-grandfather.  The gift would lead her to a time and place very distant from her own.

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