• Goals and Updates

    Project Update – November

    Curious about what is on my desk being worked on? Here is a breakdown of where my various projects stand. Silver Shores - Book 1, Pieces of the Past has been through the first round of edits and is currently…

  • Writing Life

    What’s in my toolbox?

    Like any craft, writers have toolboxes full of things they use in the course of their writing. Over the years I've worked to figure out what tools I need in order to write. Of course, all I really need is…

  • Goals and Updates

    October Goals – 2019

    We are off and running right into Fall! I'm hoping things settle down a bit more this month so I can get back to writing finally! I'd like to get the following things accomplished: Finish edits on Pieces of the…

  • Goals and Updates

    4th Quarter Goals – A look ahead

    The last quater of the year is always a busy time and can sometimes be difficult to get anything extra accomplished. I love this time of year, the days are shorter, it's cold, and as a teacher, I have some…

  • Goals and Updates

    Q3 Goals Review

    Hard to believe it is the end of the third quarter of the year already! I set some pretty lofty goals for myself for the 3rd quarter and in a review of them, I guess I didn't do too badly.…

  • Current Reads

    Currently Reading – 9/13/19

      After several disappointing books in different genres, I decided to go back to the tried and true cozy mystery. I saw this one on Twitter and hopped over to Amazon to pick it up.

  • Writing Life

    Do writers read?

    Ever wonder what a writer reads? Do we read for pleasure or to learn more about our craft? I can't speak for all writers but I can certainly vouch for myself and all the writers I know. Yes, we read,…

  • Writing Cozies

    What is a Cozy Mystery?

    I find myself having to explain what a cozy mystery is almost every time someone asks me what type of books I write. As popular as cozy mysteries are, the term "cozy" seems to throw people off.  Cozies are a…

  • Writing Life

    Why I Write Cozy Mysteries

    Ever since I can remember I wanted to write stories. I tried off and on through the years but never could quite land on what genre. It seemed that romance would be where I fit best but after several attempts,…

  • Goals and Updates

    September Goals

    After taking the end of July and the entire month of August off to move and start a new job, I thought it was time to get back to work and set my monthly goals. As I listed out the…