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Do writers read?

Ever wonder what a writer reads?

Do we read for pleasure or to learn more about our craft?

I can't speak for all writers but I can certainly vouch for myself and all the writers I know. Yes, we read, we read voraciously (as time allows). I read every night when I go to bed, sometimes it might be for an hour and sometimes it's only a few sentences. This has long been my preferred reading time and I've been known to stay up way too late sometimes. I also read if I wake up during the night and know I won't go back to sleep for a while so instead of laying there letting my mind turn to worry about things, I read until I fall asleep again.

So, what do I read? Almost anything that grabs my attention. My favorite reads are of course cozy mysteries. I also enjoy some romances, historical fiction especially the Civil War era, WWI and WW2. I've recently started reading more fantasy because a few of my writing friend write fantasy and I like to support those that support me.

I do read a lot of non-fiction craft books as well. I know there is always room for improvement and new things to learn.

Check out my "currently reading" posts for an inside look at exactly what I'm reading.

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