Finding Time to Write

You’ve always dreamed of being a writer, but you haven’t written anything, or maybe you’ve dabbled and would like to get serious about it. What is the number one thing holding you back? Almost everyone will answer “time.”
There isn’t enough time to write. With a full-time job, a family, events, household chores who has time to write a novel? The answer is, “you do.” If you really want to write, you have to figure out when you can do it.
You don’t have to have a large block of time to put words on paper you just have to have the desire and make it a priority. Thirty minutes a day will net you about five hundred words (typed), that’s it, in just thirty minutes you can do five hundred words.
Let’s break it down. An average novel is around 70,000 words if you can find thirty minutes in your day to dedicate to writing you could feasibly finish writing a novel in 140 days or a little over four and a half months. Now, imagine if you can find an hour a day to write? If you dedicate yourself, you could have the first draft of a novel in just over two months, and you are only working on it an hour a day.
So where do you find that elusive thirty or sixty minutes?
Get out a piece of paper and write down what time you normally get up in the morning then account for everything you do until you go to bed at night. Some places to look for time are:
1. Can you get up thirty minutes earlier? It doesn’t mean you have to write as soon as you get up but maybe you can shower or pack lunches then write when you are fully awake.
2. Do you commute? Look into talking to text apps for your phone or purchase a recording device and talk your way to work. You will be surprised at the fact most of us can talk a lot faster than we can type so you will most likely end up with a higher word count and there are two times a day to do this.
3. Do you have a lunch break? Instead of going out to lunch, pack your own lunch and find a quiet place to write. Not only will you get words on paper but you’ll save some money too.
4. Kids play sports? Write while you are waiting for them during practice.
5. Trade out some TV time in the evening or try multi-tasking during that time by working on your outline or story notes.
Take a notebook with you everywhere you go and write every chance you have a few minutes. Can the laundry wait another day? Does the floor really need to be mopped? Can one of the kids or your spouse take on a chore or two? How about a frozen lasagna instead of homemade?
Make your writing endeavors a priority by enlisting help and support from those around you. If it’s important to you, you will find the time to do it.

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