Halfway Point Lodge series

Stairway of Secrets

Book 1

After divorcing her cheating husband, Emma, about to turn 50, throws caution to the wind and buys a rundown 1890’s restaurant and hotel 3000 miles away. With a solid plan to remodel and reopen the place, she leaves California to start her next phase of life on the shores of the Indian River in Northern Michigan.
Everything was going fine until a few days before the scheduled opening when a series of events, including a murder made it clear to Emma that someone did not want her to re-open the restaurant. With help from the police chief, her new friend Carol, and the support of the community, Emma stays determined to not only open on time but make the place better than she originally planned.

Lifetime of Lies

Book 2

With Summer in full-swing in Northern Michigan, Emma hopes she can settle into a routine running The Halfway Point Lodge. That is until Carol makes a startling discovery that turns her world upside down.
Seeking help from Emma, the two begin a dangerous journey for the truth. Can they uncovering and detangle thirty years of lies before anyone gets hurt or worse?

Dock of Deception

Book 3

The change of seasons has Emma feeling a bit nostalgic. But before everyone who has lived in the lodge over the summer moves out and winter approaches, there is a wedding and celebration to look forward to. That is if dead bodies stop showing up under the dock. Will the latest troubles involving Faith, convince Emma that the lodge is cursed? Could this finally be the turning point that sends Emma back to California, or will she decide to stay in Michigan and hope the coming winter will be uneventful?

Mistletoe of Misfortune

Book 4

Since the night of the Fall celebration, Emma has struggled to make some important life-changing decisions about her future at the lodge and her future in Northern Michigan. Not one to be down for long, Emma goes all out to bring the magic of Christmas to the lodge. However, a surprise snowstorm turned raging blizzard brings everyone’s travel plans to a screeching halt. With the lodge full of stranded guests and only two days until Christmas, Emma tries to keep everyone’s spirits up, but wonders if it will be Santa or the Grinch who shows up on Christmas Eve