Goals and Updates

Project Update – December

I'll be honest and say that not a lot happened on my desk during November, but there was progress on some of my projects.

  • Silver Shores - Book 1, Pieces of the Past has been through the first round of edits and is currently undergoing some re-writes. I'm unsure at this time if this is a cozy mystery or a paranormal mystery. The decision on which genre it fits into is an important step because it will dictate what the cover looks like.
  • Comstock Series - Book 2, Death in the Desert. After shifting gears on this project I lost a major chunk of the work I had done when I encountered a bizarre software glitch. After re-writing what I lost I was actually able to finally retrieve the lost words and am now well underway with finishing this book.
  • Surprise novella - I had an idea the other day as I was driving to school so I quickly sat down and brainstormed it and wouldn't you know it, it turned into an outline and is now half-written.
  • Valentine of Vengence - book 5 in The Halfway Point Lodge series is well underway. Emma, Ben, and the whole gang are working hard to get through the long Northern Michigan winter which has taken a toll on the lodge's finances. Deciding to go ahead with hosting a murder mystery weekend proves more challenging than thought when a real murder takes place during the event. 

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