Professional Reader

Why I review
I read for the pleasure of reading, pure and simple. I enjoy losing myself in another world, place, and time. As an Indie writer, I know the value and the importance of reviews, therefore only review Indie books. My reviews are always based purely the satisfaction I received from reading the book. I give honest reviews of the overall story and will never post anything lower than a 3-star review. I post reviews on Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler and my blog.

What Do I Read?
Indie books only! ARC’s or published within the last 90 days.
Mysteries – cozy, romantic, murder
Romance – historical, contemporary
Adult Fantasy
YA Fantasy

What Don’t I Read?

E-books (direct download, download codes)
Paperback – I will send my address after reviewing your request
Hardback – I will send my address after reviewing your request

How this works
It’s easy! Just fill out the form below and submit it. I will review your request and let you know whether or not I will review your book. If I choose not to review it, I will let you know why. Most likely because it is a genre that I’m not interested in or I can’t meet your deadline.
E-book submission reviews
I will be posted once a month to Amazon and Goodreads. A review will also be posted on my blog and Tumblr once a month with promotion on IG, Twitter, and Facebook.
Paperback and Hardback submission reviews
I will post a review on Amazon and Goodreads as soon as I’ve finished reading the book. I will also make several posts on IG, Twitter, and Facebook (when I receive it, when I start it, and when I finish it). Additionally, I will post and individual review on my blog, Tumblr, and add it to a YouTube review video.

Occasionally, not very often, I will start a book and realize I am just not interested in it. It might not be a preferred genre, it might be riddled with errors (I’m talking Swiss cheese),  or maybe it just didn’t grab my attention. Whatever the case is, I will let you know and will never leave a bad review simply because I couldn’t finish it.