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What’s in my toolbox?

Like any craft, writers have toolboxes full of things they use in the course of their writing. Over the years I've worked to figure out what tools I need in order to write. Of course, all I really need is a pen and paper and it doesn't have to be anything fancy but it's not very inviting or inspirational.  Here is what is in my writer's toolbox.

  • Journal - I use a handmade Midori style traveler's notebook in A5 size. I have handmade inserts that I can slip in and out of the notebook depending on which project I'm working on.
  • Planner - My planner is a Stalogy Notebook 365 in A5. It is a plain planner that I create my own layouts in.
  • Pens - My favorite pens are Tul retractable fine gel pens in black. I just noticed they have a set of colored pens that I will be trying soon.
  • Laptop - I have a Microsoft Surface Pro with a detachable keyboard. It is super lightweight for travel but big enough that I can see it.
  • Desktop - My desktop set up is a Dell Alienware gaming computer with a dual monitor set up. I will admit that when time allows I enjoy a bit of World of Warcraft.
  • Posterboard and sticky notes - the only way I have found that I can "see" the entire novel at a glance is to do the outline on sticky notes and stick them all to a piece of poster board.
  • Notecards - Colored notecards that I use at the beginning of my outline work. I can lay them out, move them around and make sure I've covered everything before transferring the information to sticky notes.
  • Various software and online programs.

There are probably more things I use regularly but these are the things I wouldn't want to be without.

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