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When do I write?

People often ask when I find time to write. Between a full-time job that often requires me to spend my personal time planning and preparing, a homestead with animals, a never-ending to-do list, cooking, cleaning, shopping, marketing, and a cottage baking business, it can be a challenge to find those extra minutes to do some writing.

Being pulled in so many directions often means my writing time is limited or non-existent but my brain is always on overdrive thinking of plot-lines, characters, settings, and opportunities to connect with my readers. Generally, my best ideas (or what I think are my best ideas) come to me while I'm driving or while I'm in the shower. The challenge then becomes to remember the idea long enough that I can write it down.

I've been working on simplifying some things in order to gain a few more minutes to write. I used to get up early and check all my social media accounts, email. and YouTube while I had my coffee. Now, I check those things while I'm waiting for my coffee then as soon as it's ready I sit down and start writing. Doing this I can usually get almost 2 hours of writing time in before I go to work.

A couple of months ago Joe and I decided to try ordering our groceries online and he would pick them up on his way home. What used to be an average of 3 hours a week to drive to the store, shop, check-out, drive home, unload, and put away is now less than 30 minutes every two weeks giving me back 5.5 hours to write.

Recently I started using an instapot. I used to use a crockpot all the time but that doesn't work with my schedule anymore so with the instapot, I can do whatever I used to do in the crockpot in 20-30 minutes. This frees up time in the afternoon and evening that I was spending in the kitchen.

The important thing for me is to consistently be thinking of ways that I can find a few extra minutes. I know that I can write 500 words in 20 minutes so with 2-3 hours a day I can write 2000-3000 words a day (ideally).

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