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Why I Write Cozy Mysteries

Ever since I can remember I wanted to write stories. I tried off and on through the years but never could quite land on what genre. It seemed that romance would be where I fit best but after several attempts, I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. I set writing aside figuring that maybe it wasn't what I was supposed to do. The thought of writing stories never completely left my mind, it was something I always thought "someday something will come to me."

One of the most popular pieces of advice writers give to aspiring writers is "write what you know" the problem was I never felt like I knew anything worth writing about. Along the way, I came across the idea of writing what you want to read which made me really think about what I really enjoy reading, what is my "go-to" genre? After 40 years of thinking about writing and some feeble attempts, I'd finally decided I needed to write cozy mysteries.

There are so many parts of cozy mysteries that entertain me. I enjoy that most of the characters in cozy mysteries are small business owners who have started from scratch in a small, unsuspecting town. Possible romances, great friendships, and delicious recipes round out some of my top reasons for liking cozies.

Being able to take an idea for a character or be inspired by a town or even a building in a town and create a story with some twists and turns in it in, building friendships and creating "bad guys" without having to go into gory details was something I knew I could do.

When I started outlining the first book in the upcoming Silver Shores series I wanted to make the series a paranormal mystery series instead of a cozy series which would allow me the flexibility to use swear words, add in a sex scene or two, and add more details to the murder. When I reached the halfway point I realized that I didn't need the swear words, sex scenes, or details to tell the story so even though I tried to not write a cozy mystery, that is exactly what it ended up being.

Maybe, someday I will branch out but for now, I have more cozy mystery projects to write than I will probably ever be able to get to but I'm going to give it my best shot.

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